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Edmonton Drum Lessons:
Including Summerside, Millwoods, and South Common.

Get more out of your Drum Lessons at Czapla Music Studios. We help you reach your goals and get you to your next level.

VOTED #9 on the Top 10 List of Music Schools to attend by the ONTARIO MUSIC SOCIETY.
Read For Yourself

Drummer Endorsements:
Gordon Marshall, the Moody Blues Band, says "Jeari is a great guy and a wonderful musician".

Joel Rothman, UK professional drummer and instructor, says, "Czapla Music Studio uses my Drum Books!"

Tim Waterson, fastest drummer in the world, says, "Czapla Music Studio is the best place to study drums in Edmonton."

We are Trusted, Credible, and Guarantee Our Service.

We Care about your Musical Success

  • We Guarantee a "Fair Price",

  • Quality service with "Fair Treatment", and

  • Competency is Always provided with each music lesson.



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Each Lesson Includes;

  • Music Theory,

  • Ear Training, and

  • Performance.

Fair Prices:

We offer "Fair Prices" for our 8 week starter lesson packages.

  • Drop in 30 minute Lessons are $450.00

  • 1 - 30 minute = $30.00

  • 1 - 60 minute = $60.00

  • 4 - 30 minute = $120.00

  • 4 - 60 minute = $240.00

Your Life Sound Track is Awaiting Your Performance.

We Are Music Industry Leaders:
Our peers consider us Leaders because we Lead, not because we follow. Here are 3 reasons that separates us from other Music Schools.

Since 1988, thousands of music students have Trusted our Competent Quality of Service and Music Education.

Reason 1:
We are trained professionals with an established track record.

We are both humbled and honoured to be Ranked 9th. on a "TOP TEN" list of Music Schools to attend by the Ontario Music Society, out of 239 music schools. Read For Yourself

Reason 2:
We Record Your Lesson.

We utilize modern technologies to teach you music. You study in an actual recording studio, where we can record your lesson, provide you with a copy immediately after each lesson so you get to hear your own progression. Currently, no other Winnipeg Schools of Music offer this service.

Reason 3:
We custom design a Music Curriculum for you.

Our Comprehensive Music Book Curriculum, "Opus One - For The Apprenticing Guitarist" is considered the first year of any music college or University music program. Even if you never attend a music college or university, you will obtain the same information as those first year students.

We are your Advantage, because you get a college or University music education without the costly enrollment fees.


Learn Country Train Beats, Swing Jazz, and Jump Blues Drumming.

Quality Drum Instructor:

Jeari Czapla:
Edmonton Drum Instructor

VOTED #9 on the Top 10 List of Music Schools to attend by the ONTARIO MUSIC SOCIETY.
Read For Yourself

Grant MacEwan University Music Performance [First Class Honours],
University of Manitoba Music Program, [First Class Honours],
Grade 6 Classical Guitar & Theory from RCM, [First Class Honours],
Wrote & Published Music Curriculum, [Thousands of Copies Sold]
Recorded 4 Albums garnering 10 Nominations, [over 5,000 Units Sold].


Drum Techniques:

We cover; molar [moller] techniques, double kick, snare drum rudiments, stick control, and all drum groove techniques that get you playing; Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, R&B, and Country style drums. 

Our "Jam Tracks" will help you improve quickly so you can play with a real band in no time at all.

No other Drummer Music School offers you this service.


Elevate Your Drum Skills

Start Playing Better Today!

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