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Edmonton School of Music Lessons:

Learn music from professional music school teachers tutoring music theory, ear training & live performance. All ages and levels are welcome to enroll to Study Music with our Nominated Music Instructor Jeari Czapla.

We offer;

  • $25.00 per 30 minute Private Music Lesson,

  • Classical Music Composition, Singer Songwriting Course,

  • Theory, Ear Training and Live Performance.

  • Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Singing Vocal Lessons,

  • Brass & Woodwind Jazz Band Tutoring.

Trusted, Credible, Guaranteed Service.

You're important to us,..

We customize our eight week Speed Learning Music Curriculum to meet your musical educational requirements while Focusing on Your Personal Skill Development.


Empower Yourself Today

We Guarantee our service through our Attention To Detail and Professionalism. You WILL be Successful, Satisfied, and See The Results you've been looking for in Yourself.

We Record Your Music Lessons, and provide you a Free Copy before your lesson is complete.

Czapla Music Studio is Your Elite Place to Study Music. We are Trendy because we Set The Trend when it comes to Edifying Future Musicians & Music Industry Leaders.


We Care about Your Musical Success

Every Music Lesson is Recorded and You Get A Free Copy Before You Leave.

Since 1988, thousands of music students have Trusted Our Competent Quality of Service and Music Education. Here are 3 Ways to Empower Yourself to Greatness through our Motivation & Inspiration.


Elevate Your Musical Knowledge

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Empower Yourself.


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