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Record Your Music
On Time and within Your Budget - Live Digital Recordings.

Engineering, Mixing, & Mastering.

Fully Experienced & Equipped.

Music Videos, Graphic Design, Film & Editing, Album Covers, Music Transcriptions, T-Shirts, Posters, and so much more.

All Your Band Marketing Requirements.


We Are Connected

We have the International Connections you need to get your next HIT SONG heard by Music Industry Pluggers, Radio Executive Programmers, Major Label Executives, and Major Recording Artists.

Our recordings are broadcast quality & radio ready.

Recording Studio Prices

Studio Hourly Rates: $50.00 hr.
Two hour minimum rate.

We can Master your project here and get it done fast. We understand you need it done quickly. That's our years of experience talking.

We work with you to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Our reputation is built on customers satisfaction, and we make sure you are satisfied.


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A&R Promotion

We Help Promote YOU. Recording your music is the fun part. The real work kicks in after you have recorded your music. Once your music is recorded, we work with you to get your music on the radio, and in the hands of A&R personnel that will make a difference in your music career. The music business is full of SHARKS and unless you've spent a lifetime trying to figure that out, it's going to cost you.

No other Winnipeg Recording Studio currently offers you this service. We are industry leaders because we lead! We don't follow.

We are connected with; Music Publishers, Distribution, & Music Programmers in Nashville, and various other cities both domestically and internationally.

Music Videos

Music Video Hourly Rates: $100.00
Two hour minimum rate.

Includes: Shot Listing, Scripting, Filming & Editing off location. We work with you to find the best shooting locations, weather conditions, and cost effectiveness for your music videos. Let the world see your band, GET NOTICED!

Here are a few success stories:

Winnipeg Rock Band:
, won the battle of the bands with the help of our Music Video Production, and got the opportunity to open for the band GOD SMACK at the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall. This Project was completed on time & on budget.



Winnipeg Country Rock Singer:
, had a Number 4 hit song on NCI FM Radio with "She's Ready To Party". He approached us with a video concept, and within less than a week, Stu had a completed project ready for viewing. Stu's video "The Rocks Back In Our Country" was shown at the IMAX THEATRE, Polo Park location, in Winnipeg. This Project was completed on time & on budget.


Make Your Music A Career:
No one can prepare you more for a career in the music industry than yourself. Once you've decided that you want a career in music then you must find the right people to help you achieve your goals. Finding the right people who will go to bat for you in the secondary market is tough, and then moving to the primary market is even tougher. Czapla Music can help you achieve your goals.

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