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Guitar Method Curriculum
Comprehensive Jazz Guitar Study

Written for the Apprenticing Jazz Guitarist in you. Beginner to advanced acoustic or electric guitar studies.

Based on years of teaching students of all ages and techniques; This curriculum reflects progressive guitar teaching concepts.

For The Apprentice:
Opus One includes Tuning; Notes on the Fretboard; Musical Symbols; Notes in First Position; Four Beginner to Advanced Chord Charts; Clapping Rhythms; Strumming and Picking Exercises; and some Great Jam Songs examples.

For The Veteran:
Opus One includes Goal Setting; Practice Schedule; the Major Scale Formula, 5 Scale Patterns (Major, Minor, & Pentatonic); the Circle of Fifths & Fourths; Pitch Matching; Jazz Chord Charts


Elevate Your Guitar Playing

Opus One ~ Guitar Method Curriculum
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Czapla Music Guitar Method Curriculum
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Series: Jazz Guitar Study
Author: Jeari Czapla

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Prepare For College Music Programs

Are you planning to attend a Music College?

You're in luck, because Opus One covers the musical information freshman students obtain in any first year music program.

If you do not attend at post secondary music program, than you will have the same information, saving you thousands of dollars on tuition fees.

With the help of this book you could have better success in the music industry as a performer, song-writer, or music arranger.


Guitar eBooks:

Our 10 week Speed Learning Course will get you ready fast for your music college audition, and pre-entrance exam.

Purchase one weekly guitar eBook lesson at a time, learn at your own pace, and then come back for the next weekly lesson when you are ready.

Opus One is the last Guitar Method Curriculum you will need.

All Weekly Lessons Include: Music Theory, Ear Training, & Practical Guitar Lessons.

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