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Opus One solves Guitar Curriculum Music Book problems for You, the beginner to advanced Professional Guitar Player.

Based on Decades of Research & Development.

This Guitar Method works for all ages and styles because Opus One reflects music college guitar teaching initiatives.

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Opus One ~ Guitar Curriculum Music Books
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Opus One Guitar Music Books
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Series: Apprenticing Guitarists
Author: Jeari Czapla

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ISBN: 0-9739954-0-8
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Pages: 100

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Guitar Course eBooks:

Due to an Overwhelming Response to our book.

We made it Easier for You to Own our 8 Week Guitar Course eBook, and Learn at Your Own Pace.

Includes; Music Theory, Ear Training, & Performance.

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What's In The Book

Opus One Includes:
Tuning; Notes on the Fretboard; Musical Symbols; Notes in First Position; Four Chord Charts; Clapping, Strumming and Picking Exercises, and some tunes to Jam along with to learn.

For The Advance Guitar Player:
Goal Setting, Practice Schedule, 5 Scale Patterns - Major, Minor, & Pentatonic, the Circle of Fifths, Pitch Matching Exercises, and much more.

Scale Patterns: Opus One contains 5 movable scale patterns [Pentatonic, Major, Minor, & Relative Minor Scales]. Great Fretboard diagrams with Guitar TAB and fingerings make it easy to memorize. 

Arpeggio Patterns: Learn how to build arpeggios and use them in a song. Just like our scale patterns we've included Guitar TAB and fingerings to help you learn faster.

Chord Charts: From open string chords to great Jazz guitar chord voicings; Laid out so you quickly understand relevant key signatures and how chords work together.

Pitch Matching: Develop your ability to hear music with our detailed Ear Training exercises. No other Guitar Music Book develops your ability to hear more than Opus One.

Rhythm Exercises: 5 clapping exercises help you develop common Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony patterns. The rhythm patterns in Opus One are the most popular rhythms in popular music today. 

Music Exams: Opus One contains 3 written exams that will prepare you for any college or University Music Program.


Guitar Book Testimonials:

Jared - USA

As a Guitarist, I've been able to check out this guitar book I bought online. It's a great eBook that emphasize; Learning, Listening, and the details of playing guitar while scheduling your own practice time.

Definitely check out this guitar book because it teaches you some of those skills you can forget about. You can learn new skills or even old skills that a guitarist needs to know.

Owen Scheirer - Canada

I know so much more about chords now that I am playing chord melodies.  Understanding how to build chords made it easier for me to substitute chords, and create new versions of old tunes.  It is so much fun figuring out new progressions.


Nathan Davis - Canada

Opus One is the best investment I have made for my music career.  It has taught me how to write way better music for my band and me.  I have to say that your lessons are just what I needed.  I have had a few teachers, and nobody explains it the way you do, thanks.


Derek Burandt, Canada

I really like the way the book progresses on a weekly basis; a little bit at a time, at the same pace I am learning.  It has a large variety of exercises & songs so you don't get bored.  It doesn't just list activities I am supposed to do, but also explains exactly how to do the exercise as well.  It is helpful for all levels, including mine. It keeps me organized.


Dallin Mendenhall, Canada

"Opus One" is a great resource for learning guitar.  The theory and skills build on top of each other so that you retain what you've learnt.  It is very comprehensive and is invaluable during practice because of it's chords and theory reference pages.


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