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The New Look

Jeari Czapla - '63 Fender Vibroverb RI Guitar Amplifier


Do you like the new colour?

Happy about the new look.


Watch the Repair Video

Cleaning Dirty Pots - '63 Fender Vibroverb RI


View the New Look Video

Swapping Speakers & Tolex Brown Face - '63 Fender Vibroverb RI




2003 - 2006 Photo's

Jeari Czapla.

Jeari Czapla.

Jeari Czapla's Guitar.

Jeari Czapla Rehearsing in Denver.

Jeari Czapla & Steven Page

Jeari Czapla & Chet Breau.

Jeari Czapla Denver Cover Charge.

Jeari Czapla Performing in Denver.

Jeari Czapla Performing in Denver.

Jeari Czapla.

Jeari Czapla at the Sidetrack.

Sidetrack Cover Charge.


Jeari Czapla In The Studio.

Jeari and Ruth relaxing.
Ruth Sleeping, I mean relaxing. Jeari Czapla's Amp.
Jeari Czapla's guitar.
Jeari Czapla's guitar.
Jeari Czapla.
Bill Richard's
reading on the job.

Bill Richards
Bill Richard's hands.
Rodger and Blake chatting Jeff Smook's fingers hurt.
Jeff Smook.
Czapla Music Choir.
Gordon Graber.
Rodger Weir

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