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Edmonton Music Lessons PricesBest Edmonton Music Lessons Price & Fees

We got our Pricing right for you, our valued customer.

  • $30.00 per 30 minute Private Lesson for all Instruments.
  • $60.00 per 60 minute Private Lesson.
  • $240.00 for our 8 Week Speed learning Music Course (Thirty Minute Edmonton Music Lessons)
  • $480.00 for our 8 Week Speed Learning Music Course (Sixty Minute Edmonton Music Lessons)


  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Vocals / Singers
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drums
  • All Wind Instruments

We also Offer;

  • Singer Songwriting Courses,
  • Music Composition & Arranging,
  • Brass & Woodwind High School Jazz Band Tutoring.

Plus, We Record Your Music Lessons, and Provide You with a Free Copy before Your Lesson is complete. We also Record Your original Music in Our Edmonton Recording Studio.

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Zoom Lessons Available.

Edmonton Music Lessons Teacher

Edmonton Music LessonsJeari Czapla is one of the Best Edmonton Music Lessons Teacher Start Today & Studying Music with the Highly Qualified Music Instructor:

You Will Learn;

  • Music Theory,
  • Ear Training &
  • Performance for All Ages, Genres, Styles and Levels of Musicians.
Trusted – Credible – Guaranteed Service

You’re important to us,..

We customize our Eight Week Speed Learning Music Course to meet Your Musical Aspirations and Goals while Exclusively Focusing on You and Your Own Personal Skill Development.

We Guarantee Our Service through Our Attention To Detail and Professionalism. You will be Successful, Satisfied, and See the Results You Invested in Yourself.

We are Trusted and Credible in our Community by Our Peers as we have Developed an Amazing Track Record of Success in the Music Industry.

We Set The Trend

Czapla Music Studio is Your Elite Place to Study Music.

We are Trendy because We Set The Trend when it comes to Edifying Future Musicians & Music Industry Leaders.

Since 1988, when Jeari first taught Music at the “Lenny Breau School of Music” as Chet Breau’s Prodigy, Jeari has been sharing his Love of Learning Music with his students.

In the Summer of 2003, Jeari officially Incorporated his Company and Opened ‘Czapla Music Studio’. Since then he has taught thousands of successful music students.

All Instruments All Ages

We teach all instruments and all ages of aspiring musicians.

When you register to study music with Edmonton Music Lessons the first thing you receive is our passion, expertise and love for learning music together. We help you learn all the skills required to play your favourite songs often on your first music lesson.

We understand that often the entire reason you are interested in taking music lessons is because you heard a song on the radio that you feel in love with and now want to learn how to play for your own enjoyment.

While other ‘Schools of Music’ will slowly walk you through a music book from the beginning to the end including page after page of following that books curriculum and ideology. Not to mention the pain staking hours of practicing proper hand technique and theory.

We here at Czapla Music World Headquarters believe that learning a song first helps with student motivation, inspiration and determination. Those songs are always picked by the student.

We strive for your happiness and success,.. not ours.

Yes it is true, we did write our own Jazz Guitar Method Books that we use to edify music students. The difference with us is we use our book as a Reference Tool.

Contact Czapla Music Studio now to register for music lessons. We would love to share our passion, expertise love for studying music together with you.

You will immediately receive the benefit of our three decades of teaching music which will speed up your learning process considerably. which in turn will save you money and that is always a good thing.

Empower Yourself today and Allow us to help you to betterness and a fuller enjoyment of music through our Edmonton Music Lessons.