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Guitar eBooks Course

Download weekly guitar eBook lessons plans as you learn at your own pace. Each weekly lesson Includes: Music Theory, Ear Training, & Practical.

1 FC a
Tuning, Notes On The Fretboard, Reading Music, and Jam Songs.

1 FC a
Detailed Chord Chart, Major Scale Formula, Circle of Fifths, and Jam Songs.

Week Two
Covers:Easy Guitar Chords, Major Scale Formula, Circle Of Fifths, and how to Build Major Scales.BUY NOW! $5.00 



3 FC a

Week Three
Covers:5 Major Scale Patterns with Guitar Tab, Guitar Finger Exercises, Clapping Exercises, and Written Exam.BUY NOW! $5.00 


4 FC a

Week Four
Covers:Guitar Chords, Major & Minor Intervals, The Nashville Numbering System, and how to Build Triad & Seventh Chords.BUY NOW! $5.00 



5 FC a

Week Five
Covers:How to Build Minor Scales, 5 Minor Scale Patterns with Guitar Tab, and more.BUY NOW! $5.00 


6 FC a

Week Six
Covers:Power Chords, Pitch Matching, Guitar Rhythm, Harmony, and Melody, and Second Written Exam.BUY NOW! $5.00 



7 FC a

Week Seven
Covers:Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales, Clapping Exercises, and Jam Songs.BUY NOW! $5.00 


8 FC a

Week Eight
Covers:Finger Exercises, Dotted Note Values, and Guitar Notes above & Below the Staff.BUY NOW! $5.00 



9 FC a

Week Nine
Covers:Jazz Chords, Guitar Technique, Quarter Note & Eighth Note Triplets, and Minor Scales.BUY NOW! $5.00 


10 FC a

Week Ten
Covers:The first year entrance Exam for any Music College or University Music Program. Even if you never attend College or University, you will have the same information those music students obtain, saving you thousands of dollars on Tuition fees.BUY NOW! $5.00 


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