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Learn how to play Drum Music Lessons in Edmonton with Czapla Music Studios. We Offer ZOOM, Skype & ‘In Your Home’ Music Lessons, so You Save Gas Money & Stress on those Bad Weather Travel Days. We help you reach Your Goals faster than You thought Possible with our Eight Week Speed Learning Course,.. We Assist You Achieve Your Goals and Your Next Level Success.

Imagine learning to Play Your Favourite Drum Songs in your first Edmonton Drum Lessons. We make that possible immediately.

We Customize your Edmonton Drum Lessons to meet your Expectations because we care about your musical success.

Edmonton Drum Lessons Fees & Prices

Edmonton Drum Lessons Fees PricesWe got our Edmonton Drum Lessons Fees & Pricing Right for you, our valued customer.

  • $30.00 per 30 minute Lesson,

  • $60.00 per 60 minute Lesson,

  • $240.00 per 8 Week thirty minute Speed Learning Music Course,
  • $480.00 per 8 Week One Hour Speed Learning Drum Course.

    Each Edmonton Drum Lessons Includes;

    • Rhythm & Stick Technique,

    • Ear Training, and

    • Performance.

Edmonton Drum Teacher
Jeari CzaplaEdmonton Drum Lessons Fees has been teaching Edmonton Drum Lessons since 1988, and sharing his passion and love for learning music.

Czapla Music Studio was VOTED #9 on a Top 10 List of Music Schools to attend by the ONTARIO MUSIC SOCIETY.
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Drummer Endorsements
  • Tilo Paiz, the Great Timbales/Percussionist Drummer who once play with Carlos Santana has Recorded with and Performed with Jeari Czapla for two Decades.
  • Gordy Marshall, the Moody Blues Band, says “Jeari is a great guy and a wonderful musician.”
  • Joel Rothman, UK professional drummer and instructor, says, “Czapla Music Studio uses my Drum Books and I’m Proud to endorse them.”
  • Tim Waterson, fastest drummer in the world, says, “Czapla Music Studio is the best place to study drums in Edmonton.”
Dream Big
We teach music differently, we allow you to dream big as we foster your dreams by learning the songs that you want to play, immediately.We learn how to Groove and make a crowd dance.

Edmonton Bass Lessons will help you achieve both your musical and personal goals fast and that’s simply because your goals are way more important to us than our goals. We want to share our knowledge and love of music with you.

Your Success Is Important to us, 

We are experienced in Electric Bass, Rock, Acoustic, Funk Lessons, Country Bass & Latin Bass. We our knowledgeable in All Genres of Music including; Rock Blues Country Jazz Classical Bluegrass Ukulele Latin Campfire Style Fun. 

Music Theory, Composition, Ear Training and Performance.

Simply Approved,..

Follow Your Dreams

We Record Your Drum Lesson Performances, and you receive a free copy before your lesson is complete.

We Customize Your Drum Lessons to meet Your Personal Aspirations and Goals. Research demonstrates that Learning Music occurs quicker once the pupil is able to Listen Back to Their Own Performance. We Utilize these Modern Teaching Techniques by Recording Your Music Lesson and providing You with a Free Copy before Your Lesson is complete.

Our Eight Week Speed Learning Course will have you playing all your favourite songs with confidence.

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We Are Trusted, Credible and Guarantee Our Service
  • We Guarantee a “Fair Price”,

  • Quality service with “Fair Treatment”, and

  • Competency is Always provided with each music lesson.

We Care about Your Musical Success

Your Musical Success Story begins with You and We are here to Help Create An Awesome Fun Musical Learning Experience Together.

Czapla Music Studio is Your Elite Place to Study Bass. We are Trendy because We Set the Trend Edifying Future Musicians, Music Industry Leaders, and Fun Seekers of all Shapes and Sizes.

We are what you have been looking for in an Edmonton Bass Lessons facility and faculty. We Record Your Bass Music Lesson and hand you a free copy before you leave our World Headquarters.

We have what you want to learn, Contact Czapla Music Studio Now and Start receiving the benefits of studying music with reputable guitar music teachers. We would love to study music together with you today.

We bring a world of knowledge to the table just for you to enjoy and benefit from in the long run.

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