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Jeari Czapla Edmonton Guitar TeacherEdmonton Guitar Teacher

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Teaching Guitar Since 1988,.. Attended Univeristy of Manitoba Jazz Music Program, Grant McEwan University Jazz Music Program,.. Established, Nominated & Renowned Canadian Jazz Guitarist,.. a Published Author of ‘Opus One – for the Apprenticing Guitarist‘ and One of the Nicest Edmonton Guitar Teachers you’ll meet.

Jeari started Teaching Guitar at the Lenny Breau School of Music in Winnipeg in 1988, and by December 26, 2007, Czapla Music School was Voted Ninth on the ONTARIO MUSIC SOCIETY TOP TEN List of Music Schools to Attend.

“Jeari is a hard-working musician with an undeniable passion for music and is constantly exploring and experimenting with different cultural genres and various styles and musical instruments. In addition, he is an engaging teacher – his students seem to really enjoy his teaching style, which comes from a positive, honest and enthusiastic joy of sharing his passion with everyone he teaches and works with.” Marc

Start Studying Music with this Highly Qualified Music Instructor and Learn how and why Rhythm Sections must Work Together with Melody to get the Dancers on the Dance Floor.

We Help You Reach Your Goals Fast through our Eight Week Speed Learning Course,.. We Assist You Achieve Your Goals and Your Next Level Success.

Opus One – for the Apprenticing Guitarist

Jazz Guitar Method BookJazz Guitar Method Complete Book Opus One

We Wrote Our Curriculum with You in Mind,.. Our Valued Customer,.. We are the same as You,.. We are Passionate about Learning More and Applying New Knowledge and Skills to Our Playing,.. We Imagine You Learning how to Read Lead Charts, Guitar Music and Play Your Favourite Guitar Song all within your first 3 weekly Guitar Lessons Plans.

Opus Ones Contains:
Eight Weekly Lesson Plans,
– Layed Out Aesthetically Pleasing, Easy to Read and Comprehend.

Five Essential Guitar Scale Patterns:
– As taught by Lenny Breau, Chet Breau and Jeari Czapla.
– Four Guitar Chord Charts that progress up to Jazz Chords, Scales, Guitar Theory, Ear Training and Standard Jazz Chord Pop Progessions to practice Performance & Soloing.

Opus One is an Easy Read while Advancing Your Guitar Skills through Our Jazz Guitar Curriculum Course. A Guitar Self Study Students Dream Book providing a Fast & Easy way for You to obtain a Higher Level of Musical Knowledge. Jazz Guitar Complete Method Book Opus One Speeds Up Your Learning Curve Fast.

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Edmonton Guitar Teacher Biography

Edmonton Guitar Teacher PricesEdmonton Guitar Teacher

Jeari is Knowledgeable in many music styles from around the world; Canadian, Afro-Cuban, India, Latino, Jazz, Adult Contemporary, World Beat, Pop, Rock including Classical.

Ask around and You will find that everyone You speak too agrees that Jeari is Good at what he does, An Honest Musician,..

As a Humanitarian, Jeari believes in giving back to the Communities that Supported him throughtout the years. Czapla Music offers that service.

Accolades Garnered:

  • Nominated Recording Artist,
  • Established & Renowned Musician,
  • Performs Latin Jazz, Adult Contemporary, World Beat,
  • Published Author of ‘Opus One – for the Apprenticing Guitarist. 
  • Professional Music Teacher since 1988.
  • Grammy Award Listed Musician at the 47th, Annual Awards,
  • Nominated Jazz Guitarist,
  • Grant MacEwan University Music Performance [First Class Honours]
  • University of Manitoba Music Program, [First Class Honours],
  • Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music Classical Guitar, Grade 6
                  – [First Class Honours],
  • Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music Theory, Grade 2
                   – [First Class Honours],
  • Published Author of Guitar Curriculum, [Thousands of Copies Sold]
Edmonton Guitar Teacher Biography

Edmonton Guitar Lessons TeacherEdmonton Guitar Teacher Biography

Jeari Czapla started playing Guitar in 1971 when he was 6 years old living in Transcona Winnipeg. His first Guitar Teacher was his Dad who taught him Three Chords; E, A, D, on a borrowed family members acoustics guitar, ThanQ Cousin Lloyd Pakoo.

Once Jeari learned those three Chord his dad said “Now Write a Song.” So Jeari did,.. he wrote his first song ever called, “Burnin’ Rubber”, a song about fast cars, because Jeari knew his dad liked fast cars.

“Dad was a Hard Rock who Loved Souped Up Cars, Drag Racing, Burnin’ Rubber and Fancy Paint jobs.” Says Jeari.

Jeari began his formal guitar studies in 1986 with Chet Breau owner of the Lenny Breau School of Music in Winnipeg and within a year quickly became Chet’s Prodigy. By 1988,  Jeari was teaching jazz guitar at the Lenny Breau School of Music.

Between 1988 & 1991, Jeari was studying weekly private music lessons in,

  • Classical Composition with Bruce Carlson, a MB University Composition Professor. Every Monday for 60 minutes.
  • Music Theory with Ruth Douglas, every Tuesday for an hour,
  • Classical Guitar with Paul Hammer, a MB University Guitar Professor, every Thursday for 60 minutes, and
  • Jazz Guitar with Chet Breau & Tim Cummings, every Wednesday for an hour.

In 1988, Jeari attended the University of Manitoba Music Program for two years and by 1991 he had moved to Edmonton to complete his studies in Music at the University of MacEwan.

In 1993, Jeari began performing as a freelance guitarist for various touring bands throughout the prairie provinces of Canada.

In 2003, Jeari Incorporated his company Czapla Music Studio and opened a store front in Sherwood Park AB. He became an Edmonton Guitar Teacher with over 80 guitar students, 10 drum students, 10 bass students, and 15 vocal students.

In 2003, Jeari published his Jazz Guitar Curriculum Course entitled “Opus One – for the Apprenticing Guitarist” which is currently used in 20 Schools of Music across the nation as their primary guitar method book. His Guitar Curriculum has positioned his School of Music to become a Certified Music College.

Presently, Jeari operates his Edmonton Music School from home with all the Modern Technologies to teach students of all ages and share his passion of learning music with everyone.

Edmonton Guitar Teacher Best Professional Guitar Lesson Prices & Fees. 34 Years Music Teaching Experience College Music Curriculum School of Guitar Teacher.

Edmonton Guitar Teacher Video

Look What we found in our Way Back Machine,..! Our Early Attempts at Advertising on the ‘Inna-Mau-Net-Web’,.. These are Rough Drafts but we found them Entertaining and wanted to Share them with you. They served a momentary purpose. Your Viewing Pleasure,..


The Czapla Music Way,..

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Edmonton Vocal Teacher

Edmonton Vocal Teacher

Edmonton Vocal LessonsJeari Czapla has been teaching Edmonton Vocal Lessons since 1999. He Studied Baritone Vocal Lessons with Lary Benson at the University of MacEwan.

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Jeari Studied Private 60 minute Vocal Lessons Operatic, Jazz and various other Musical Genres of Vocal Techniques for one year before Jeari began to sing for his own band, Uptown Shuffle.

Edmonton Bass Teacher

Edmonton Bass Teacher

Best Edmonton Bass LessonsJeari Czapla has been teaching Edmonton Bass Lessons since 1988. He Studied Bass Lessons with Chet Breau at the Lenny Breau School of Music.

Jeari Studied Private 60 minute Bass Lessons by holding Jazz changes for Chet while Chet practiced his guitar and soloing.

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Jeari played Bass in a few bands subbing in for other Bassists who couldn’t make gigs.

Edmonton Drum Teacher

Edmonton Drum Teacher

Edmonton Drum Lessons TeacherJeari Czapla has been teaching Edmonton Drum Lessons since 1999.

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He began playing drums in 1973 on upside down cardboard boxes with moms wooden spoons. His dad said to him, “Once you get good enough on those boxes we’ll talk about buying you a real drum set.”

He began taking drum lessons at Miller’s Music now called Transcona Music Centre in Transcona in 1976 where he studied with the Drum Teacher “Dave The Big Apple”. Dave was from New York so his nick name was appropriate.

In 1980, when Jeari attended High School at Tec-Voc he began playing drums in various rock bands. He auditioned for the High School Band called ‘Company 8’. Unfortunately, his Volleyball and athletics took precedents.

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