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Edmonton Music Lessons

Edmonton Music Lessons

Edmonton Music Lessons
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Jeari Czapla Edmonton Bass TeacherCustomer Service is Always Our Highest Priority. Our Students are like Family, and We Strive for Your Happiness and Success.

We are Trusted, Credible & We Guarantee Our Service to You,..

You will be Successful, Satisfied, and See the Results You Invested in Yourself. Your Success & Happiness are Important to us.

We are Passionate, Compassionate, Understanding, Knowledgeable Experts, and Love Learning Music Together with Our Students.

Edmonton Music Lessons Best Price School of Music Teachers Professional Guitar Bass Vocals Drums Live Performance, Theory & Ear Training $30 per Music Lesson.

Edmonton Music Lessons Prices
Edmonton Music Lessons Prices

Edmonton Music Lessons

Weekly Package Prices
$30.00 per 30 minute lesson

$60.00 per 60 minute lesson

Monthly Package Prices
$120.00 per 4-30 minute lesson
$240.00 per 4-60 minute lesson

  • We got our Edmonton Music Lessons Prices Right for You, Our Valued Customer.
  • We Record Your Music Lessons in Our Studio, and Provide You with a Free Copy before Your Lesson is complete.
  • NOTE: We Do Not Charge for Membership Fees, Registration Fees, or any other Music Lesson Fees other Schools of Music may Charge.
  • We also Record Your original Music in Our Edmonton Recording Studio.
School of Music Price Packages

Monthly 30

Music School Lessons Prices Monthly $30

$30 for Four 30 minute, Private Audio Recorded Music Lessons,

Monthly 60

Music School Lessons Prices Monthly $60

$60 for Four 60 minute Private Audio Recorded Music Lessons,

8 Week

Music School Lessons Prices Monthly $240

$240 for 8 Weekly 30 minute Speed Learning Course Private Audio Recorded Music Lessons,

Edmonton Music Lessons Prices

“Don’t Practice until You Get It Right,.. Practice Until You Can’t Get It Wrong,..”

We Help You Develop Your Talent to Play & Enjoy Music. We Offer In Our Studio, In Your Home, ZOOM Music Lessons, Skype Theory Lessons Edmonton Music Lessons.

We help You Reach Your Goals Fast with our Eight Week Speed Learning Course. We Assist You Achieve Your Goals and Your Next Level Success.

NOTE: We Do Not Charge for Membership Fees, Registration Fees, or any other Music Lesson Fees that other Schools of Music Charge.

Learn All Styles & Genres,..

Vocals / Singers
Bass Guitar
All Wind Instruments

Ear Training

Also Learn
Singer Songwriting Courses,
Music Consultant,
Music Composition,
Music Arranging,
Brass & Woodwind,
High School Jazz Band,
Music Tutoring,
Demo Band Recordings,
Music Transcriptions,

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Edmonton Music Lessons Teacher
Edmonton Guitar Lessons TeacherJeari Czapla is one of the Best Edmonton Music Lessons Teachers.

“Jeari is a hard-working musician with an undeniable passion for music and is constantly exploring and experimenting with different cultural genres and various styles and musical instruments. In addition, he is an engaging teacher – his students seem to really enjoy his teaching style, which comes from a positive, honest and enthusiastic joy of sharing his passion with everyone he teaches and works with.” Marc

Start Studying Music with this Highly Qualified Music Instructor and Learn how and why Rhythm Sections must Work Together with Melody to get the Dancers on the Dance Floor.

Established & Renowned Jazz Guitarist, Published Author of ‘Opus One – for the Apprecnticing Guitarist’ and Edmonton Music Teacher.

Jeari started Teaching Guitar at the Lenny Breau School of Music in Winnipeg in 1988, and by December 26, 2007, Czapla Music School was Voted Ninth on the ONTARIO MUSIC SOCIETY TOP TEN List of Music Schools to Attend.

  • Grammy Award Listed Musician at the 47th, Annual
  • Nominated Guitarist, Four Albums Garnering 10 Nominations, [over 5,200 Units Sold].
  • Grant MacEwan University Music Performance [First Class Honours]
  • University of Manitoba Music Program, [First Class Honours],
  • Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music Classical Guitar, Grade 6
                  – [First Class Honours],
  • Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music Theory, Grade 2
                   – [First Class Honours],
  • Published Author of Guitar Curriculum, [Thousands of Copies Sold]
Jazz Guitar Curriculum
Jazz Guitar Method BookJazz Guitar Book QR Code

Imagine learning how to Read Guitar Music, and Play Your Favourite Guitar Song all within your first 30 minute Edmonton Guitar Lessons.

Opus One Guitar Method Books, Download Guitar ebooks, Guitar Curriculum, Music Theory Ear Training Method Books, Guitar Lesson Edmonton.Visit Our Extremely Popular Guitar Curriculum,

Jazz Guitar Method Book,
Our Very Popular Guitar Method Book was Complied and Written to Only Help You Develop Your Guitar Skills Fast. You will Increase your knowledge immediately in ways you could not have imagined. Higher Levels as a Player on either Nylon, Acoustic or Electric Guitar.
We Care About Your Success
We here at Czapla Music World Headquarters believe that learning a song first helps with student motivation, inspiration and determination. Those songs are always picked by the student.

We strive for Your Happiness and Success.

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