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Jazz Guitar eBook Opus One

Jazz Guitar eBooks

Download Weekly Jazz Guitar eBook Lessons.

Complete Jazz Guitar Method Book

Jazz Guitar eBooks 
Download Weekly Jazz Guitar eBook PDF Lessons and Learn at Your Own Pace. Each weekly lesson Includes: Music Theory, Ear Training, & Practical.

Jazz Guitar Method Book Lenny BreauOpus One, was Developed from the Hand Written notes of Lenny Breau when he was Teaching his son Chet at GIT in LA. Chet Breau gave Jeari photocopies of these notes to study from while Jeari was studying Guitar at the Lenny Breau School of Music in Winnipeg.Jeari took those Hand Written photocopied notes and Developed Opus One. Chet Breau uses Opus One as his Teaching Manual. This Jazz Guitar Method Book prepares You for any Univeristy or College Music Program. It also Empowers Your Guitar Teachers to a Higher Level of Musical Education which is passed on to your students.

Hard Copy Jazz Guitar Method Books Available at LONG & McQUADE Retail Store Outlets! Order it by name. Opus One,..

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