Music Transcriptions Agreement

Music Transcriptions AgreementMusic Transcriptions Agreement

Czapla Music Transcriptions Agreement are written to Protect both the Music Transcriber and the Musicians Recording in a Win/Win Situation. Intellectual Property while Crediting the Artist’s interpretation of a Recorded Piece of music from any format of recorded music. Best Prices $60

Music Transcriptions Agreement:
Czapla Music Transcriptions Agreement

NOTE: The following is an excerpt from our six page agreement.

NOTE: Any Music Transcription or sheet music produced by Czapla Music is non refundable as it is considered a virtual service with no tangible item. Also, it is non refundable due to copyright law infringement, photocopying, and or Intellectual Property. Czapla Music Inc. states a Music Transcription is a written interpretation in standard music notation of a recorded piece of music from any media or audible form of music. Transcribing music is the act or process of writing down music, and is considered an adaptation or interpretation of the performers recorded musical composition.

NOTE: Czapla Music retains the Intellectual Property for all music transcriptions or any sheet music generated by Czapla Music Inc. Client’s may purchase the Intellectual Property Copyrights from Czapla Music at an agreed price.

NOTE: Content delivered to Czapla Music in .MP3 or any other format is significantly compressed and lesser quality than the original. Therefore, Czapla Music is not liable for any inaccuracies in the music transcription due to .MP3 compression rates of 128 kbps or less, or poor quality of Content.

NOTE: Rhythms, subdivisions of rhythms, and timing vary in music performed and recorded by human beings, as human beings are often not accurate with the rhythm or the timing of their recorded performances. Therefore, Czapla Music is not liable for any inaccuracies in the music transcription due to the performers rhythmical, subdivisions, or timing errors on the recorded performance of the music.  Czapla Music considers a music transcription an interpretation of the performed music contained in the Content. The Client will compensate Czapla Music for all hours worked on the music transcription as per Czapla Music’s established retail price. Czapla Music will own and retain all copyrights and intellectual property to any music transcription produced by Czapla Music. The Client and Czapla Music enter into this Agreement in good faith, and agree to conduct business in a professional manner at all times.

Music Transcriptions AgreementMusic Transcriptions Agreement:
Our Agreement is 5 pages and filled with information every transcriber & their clients should be aware of when conducting business together.To purchase a copy of our Agreement, click the link below, or please email our office for more details.


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