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10 Best Canadian Aboriginal Country Rock Songs

A Music Biography and True Story of how Arthur Knevone Poetry Poems became Author Unknown. Aboriginal Jazz Guitarist Singer Songwritter

The 10 Best Canadian Aboriginal Country Rock Songs based on the True Life Story of the Farmer Arthur Knevone and his family.

Arthur Knevone wrote Poems and Short Stories to his wife while they sat on their front porch watching the evening Sun Set together.

Arthur signed each poem with his name, but Scholars could not read his Signature properly and Arthur Knevone became the Famous Poet Author Unknown. Who wrote the Original Poem “Roses Are Red”?

Arthur Knevone and his Family suffered Financially for years because of this small mistake until Arthur Son Junior took up the cause and went to battle with the Publishers to get the money they were owed.

Live In Your Head, is the Collections of those stories told through the music of Aboriginal Jazz Guitarist Jeari Czapla who is based in Edmonton with his Uptown Shuffle Band.

Tales of Knevone.

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