Misty – Single

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Dear Leonardo Jazz Symphony SingleMisty Jazz Guitar Melody,

Dear Leonardo Jazz Symphony,

Performed by One of Canada’s Best Aboriginal Jazz Guitarists 




Misty Jazz Guitar Melody

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The Back Story
MIsty Jazz Guitar MelodyMisty Jazz Guitar Melody Jazz Symphony Orchestra Sheet Music Transcription for the Third Movement Composed Original Influences are Lenny Breau Stravinsky, Beethoven, Mozart and Monteverdi.

The Jazz Symphony portrays the Bumble Bee & Dragon Fly making up and becoming friends who work together out of Love.

Their Tiny Little Foot Prints now a Beautiful site as they understand how mother nature works and the benefit they both leave on flowers and tree leaves.

A Touch of a Modern Classical Jazz Symphony.

World Jazz Charts

Misty Jazz Chord MelodyDear Leonardo hit the World Jazz Charts.

What Fans Say:
– Beautiful Melodies woven through Harmony.
– Musically Well Written and Arranged.
– Virtuoso Jazz Guitar Playing.
What Media Says:
“Czapla is Versatile.“

– An Entertainment Standard
“Elevator Friendly Lounge Music.“

– World News Editor
“A Romantic Breathe of Fresh Air.“

– Arts & Entertainment Writer Unknown

Misty Jazz Guitar MelodyBest Instrumental Album
– 2012
Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards
Misty Jazz Guitar Melody Video
The Arrangement was release March 17, 2008, Four years before the album was released.

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