Music Transcriptions

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Music Transcriptions

Best Prices & Fees Sheet Music

We Transcribe Your Original Music so you can Sell & Market Your Own Original  Sheet Music at your gigs or Online.


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Music Transcriptions Prices & Fees

Music Transcriptions Services Fees

Music Transcriptions
Prices & Fees

We Got Our Price & Fees right for you, Our Valued Customer.

Here’s how Our transcriptions work.

One Minute of Your Song Equals One Hour of Our Music Transcribing Service. In other Words,.. If Your Song is Three Minutes Long then Our Quote is for Three Hours of Work.

$45.00 per hour

  • Lead Sheets:
    • Chord Chart and Melody.

$45.00 per instrument per hour

  • Multi Instrumental Scores:
Music Transcriptions Service FeesSince 1988Jeari Czapla has been Writing Music Down using HB2 Pencils, a Great Eraser and a Straight Edge Ruler,..
What is the Definition of a Music Transcription?
Music Transcriptions Service Accurate Professional Music Transcribers, Trusted Guaranteed Work, Transcribe Your Original Music Fast Market Your Sheet Music.

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