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Not Only But Also Indo Jazz LatinNot Only But Also Album, Imagine a Live Living Room Recording from a House Party with approximately 80 close friends and fans. Performing tonight will be Local Jazz Musicians.

Two young men are desperately trying to find parking on the street for their beat up 1984 Dodge Aspen, and soon find themselves running down the street to stand in line with 12 other people before them.

The House Party is Sold Out and folks are starting to gather on the front lawn and the street just to get a listen.

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Not Only But Also Indo Jazz LatinNot Only But Also Album

Category: Latin Jazz Indo Funk
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Not Only But Also Jazz CD


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SunShine – Brillo de Sol

Not Only But Also Jazz Songs Chronicals those two young men and they Fall in Love with Jazz and all of it’s forms like Bossa Bolero, Indo Jazz, Bossa Nova Jazz Dance Samba, Funk and Jazz Swing.

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Not Only But Also

Not Only But Also Album, SunShine, Welcome, Good Old Days, Bossa Nova, aFoxe, Buying Tomotates, Tequila Speaks To Me

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